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escalerasLa Pedrada was born in a natural way linked to the “Villa del arte” project.

“Villa del arte” is an association that started in 2011 as a house atelier in which their members work and show the  artisan and artistic activity of the district to the public.  Nowadays, five more spaces have joined this circuit of atelier houses located, most of them, in the historical center of Agüimes with constructions that date of the 18th century.

You can join freely the different houses assisting to  their courses,  workshops, talks, conferences and fairs organized by their members and collaborators.

The general idea is to make visible different artistic disciplines and interact with the visitors in an eminently rural environment, full of esthetic beauty in a singular location, and having as a result an inspiring and creative space to develop the senses for all who, actively or passively, participate in the project.

In this context was originated “La Pedrada”, a space projected as a “Villa del arte” link, developing its activity parallel to the association.

What's “La Pedrada” Residence. What is it based on

“La Pedrada” has been thought as a link element between the local people, the ateliers located in Agüimes and the artists residents in “La Pedrada”, being enriched with the knowledge and ideas that they all provide and, therefore, looking for the local raise of personal and cultural development. It aims to be a medium to connect traditional artistic currents and vanguards that develop outside the islands too.

In an old house, now rehabilitated, and framed in a rural environment rich in cultural activities and with affined people, “La Pedrada”was created as a space to think, create,  coexist and rest around art and its cultural possibilities in an adapted, peaceful, free and open surrounding.

Throughout the year we organise different art programs in groups of four or five persons distributed as follows:

- 15 february to 30 march.

- 13 april to 24 may

- 1 june  to 12 july 

- september to october ( dates depending on international theater festival )

- november 

The rest of the year you are free to visit us and participate in our  different course. Do not hesitate in consult.

Aims  / Objective 

  • Build a propitious background for the artistic creation.
  • Put together art and crafts, looking for the common enrichment between artists of diverse disciplines.
  • Introduce us in the every day life of the place, participating in the region activities and celebrations.
  • Maximize the communication and participation in order to foment new artistic initiatives.
  • Cultural contributions due to the flow of different cultures.

Creative House

The house has rooms available during all the year, however during periods of residence and workshops we get very busy, so we recomend to book rooms in advance. The workshops and courses are always open for attendance.

Artists can use common spaces and ateliers as well as enjoy the different tourist and cultural activities that we organise. Also courses, samples, exhibitions and meetings about the work in course.



"La Pedrada" as a creative space, is managed by and for artists. It is a private residence, and although the collaboration with the official departaments is active, we are not paid, and that is why the participants must seek grants and subsidies to take part of La Pedrada. We can advise you about the public and private bodies that can offer you scholarships and aid.